Americas Cheapest Family...

13. feb.. 2021
6 097 896 Ganger

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  • Honestly, their house is bigger than mine

    King DenielKing DenielMinutt siden
  • “just pain it, just pain it” felix- 2021

    False Ostrich3False Ostrich313 minutter siden
  • 14:42 *villain laugh*

    NotASimperNotASimper36 minutter siden
  • You think that's crazy? GENE SIMMONS - Band Leader of Kiss. Watch where he has to milk a bull....yes... It's hilarious and sick. but more's hilarious.

    CGPCGP40 minutter siden
  • Yo your too loud in the mic pewds and the video your watching is too quiet

    Devin TaylorDevin Taylor43 minutter siden
  • *laughs in South Asian*

    Aila KhanAila Khan43 minutter siden
  • haikyuu scene intro I love it

    patocat Hopkinpatocat Hopkin46 minutter siden
  • man intro was sick

    NotASimperNotASimper53 minutter siden
  • Alternative title: A rich guy watching some people being poor

    ChuckChuck58 minutter siden
  • “Do u like money” MrBeast:n o

    Warlock and pierreWarlock and pierreTime siden
  • Normally ily pewds but, in this video you were very bitter...not sure why. Saving money is really awesome, some of this was pretty extreme and awkward but who are we to judge?

    Angel CarpenterAngel CarpenterTime siden
  • This can't be real, right?

    Shafa RahmaniShafa RahmaniTime siden
  • Man cheapskates are kinda dumb look just listen i have grown up pretty poor and still am a bit poor but weather your a cheapskate or poor learning to fix things on your own and doing it right making it look nice isn't to hard like cmon they were kinda cringe ngl.

    Goodguy TyphlosionGoodguy TyphlosionTime siden
  • Is it the best strategy game Pewdiepie

    Ashton SimmonsAshton SimmonsTime siden
  • Patching up bad carpet is really unheard of but there were times where I messed up putting the carpet and so all in all I have patched carpet but new carpet not old carpet and let me tell you it is a pain in the ass man.

    Goodguy TyphlosionGoodguy TyphlosionTime siden
  • That SAKUGA intro got me screamin without the s

    CoastalAlpacaCoastalAlpacaTime siden
  • "Shawn made this wrench" *lifts up a wrench that was clearly bought from a store* "you mean he can make a wrench but not a handle" LMFAOOOOO

    Allison FordAllison FordTime siden
  • chicken feed literally costs so much money though. These people do not think things through my god.

    sure _sure _Time siden
  • Reverse arrow formation all the way baby.

    Goodguy TyphlosionGoodguy TyphlosionTime siden
  • Can come Malaysian pewdiepie

  • The rich wackos from the 2nd part should just move to a ranch

    Ordun_9906Ordun_99062 timer siden
  • Isn't it cheaper to buy eggs than buy feed and housing etc

    himynameisfinhimynameisfin2 timer siden
  • First family are biggest idiots I’ve ever seen. I feel sorry for them especially kids.

    Krzysztof MiszczyńskiKrzysztof Miszczyński2 timer siden
  • i respect Pewds always has another perspective

    DrawnDawnDrawnDawn2 timer siden
  • During the summer and warmer months, u can up to 6 eggs a day with 6 chickens so that's not a bad idea. But a pig! To do that in a neighborhood with kids. Like wtf! BTW: I've had 2 sets of 6 chickens over the past 8 years. You do get a hell lot of eggs with that many chickens.

    Brian ParkinsonBrian Parkinson2 timer siden
  • There’s a difference between saving and being unhygienic.

    Environmentally Friendly GachaEnvironmentally Friendly Gacha3 timer siden
  • 30k over ten years? Save yourself the hassle and just stop trying to cut corners. Also, their kids are gonna grow up and spend as much money as they can just because their parents never did.

    IsokuoviIsokuovi3 timer siden
  • First video I’ve watched in a long time. I was out after the first 3 minutes of ad promo time.

    Brandon FyffeBrandon Fyffe3 timer siden
  • Damn her biceps tho

    kevin hermosokevin hermoso3 timer siden
  • "john made a wrench" *holds vice grips*

    Austin NelsonAustin Nelson3 timer siden
  • The first family wasn’t nearly as bad as the mom rationing her kids toilet paper and food

    Gabe ItchGabe Itch3 timer siden
  • These people have never heard of a thrift store I guess

    fifi3 timer siden
  • control your spendings don't do the extremes like cooking inside ur car that's just pretentious

    Cyber Ghost 404Cyber Ghost 4043 timer siden
  • Y'all laughing now, but that first family ready for the apocalypse

    I am Hannah MontanaI am Hannah Montana3 timer siden
  • Felix American houses are very cheap cause they are built very cheaply and are usually made out of just wood and stuff so their houses are very cheap which is why they are bigger

    Jack WilsonJack Wilson3 timer siden
  • 10-20k FURNITURE WTF, more like 700-2k

    ToXiC_Sh0TToXiC_Sh0T4 timer siden
  • Their living room looks like a house in the sims that you make when you're super broke

    Anibelle BrottAnibelle Brott4 timer siden
  • Pewds, you ok? Get some sleep, take a break, take care of yourself and your health. We'll be here when you get back 💛💜

    Anibelle BrottAnibelle Brott4 timer siden
  • I cant watch till the end, the cringiest family ever. (No offence)

    Shark EmperixShark Emperix4 timer siden
  • She seems to not know how much money she can save by not having children

    Jhois R. MadrigalJhois R. Madrigal4 timer siden
  • I spy Haikyuu!! 👀

    Daikon LegsDaikon Legs4 timer siden
  • when the intro is cooler than you...

    ɴᴇᴢᴜᴋᴏ ᴄʜᴀɴɴᴇᴢᴜᴋᴏ ᴄʜᴀɴ4 timer siden
  • Bruh a toilet bangle can’t cost more than 5$

    Jack ConnollyJack Connolly4 timer siden
  • this is what Pewds has resorted to bc he is running out of ideas/games to play😂

    Mandi AdeMandi Ade4 timer siden
  • She looks like that girl from Rango lmao

    Hunts S42Hunts S424 timer siden
  • That wrench in the beginning costs more than the pan itself

    Ian McEleneyIan McEleney4 timer siden
  • How he the most subscribed to yt chanell and his room look normal

    Ell LaaEll Laa5 timer siden
  • The ball in the intro looks strangely like a Melon to me Hmmm. rip: cocomelon

    Daniel CooperDaniel Cooper5 timer siden
  • Wow. Nice intro

    Elizabeth RabanalElizabeth Rabanal5 timer siden
  • He looked like he wanted to die while saying his sponsors at the start

    JasonJason5 timer siden
  • I pretty sure the broken shit was staged including the first scene where they washed the dishes but that just my 2 cents

    Thanos Chungus snƃunɥɔ souɐɥʇThanos Chungus snƃunɥɔ souɐɥʇ5 timer siden
  • If you don’t have enough money find a way to make an extra money don’t make your kid live like this but they do have money

    Puti NPuti N5 timer siden

    Mr RhinoMr Rhino5 timer siden
  • Imagine that girl growing up and finds this video of Pewdiepie laughing at her for being scared of a chicken lmao

    Ghastly CandleGhastly Candle5 timer siden
  • Sometimes I just think back to when humanity was wandering around a predator filled Savannah barefoot carrying children if they would complain about any of this

    Levi ChicwownLevi Chicwown5 timer siden
  • 2:41 why did he put the Australian dollar there

    Puti NPuti N5 timer siden
  • common people: Strategy Pewds: Stragedy ( 01:40 )

    timothy lotimothy lo5 timer siden
  • If they really want to save money or spend less why don't try minimalism for God's sake

    Naomi JNaomi J6 timer siden
  • Remember kids, when all else fails, use ducktape!

    thick legsthick legs6 timer siden
    • And submit to dad

      thick legsthick legs6 timer siden
  • Felix said "Based" I assume unironically. I have such a love hate relationship with him

    Amiri the GreyAmiri the Grey6 timer siden
  • So he’s just not going to address the thing in his nose

    Dat_Spartan_ GamerDat_Spartan_ Gamer6 timer siden
  • The Best youtuber and Best intro

    Matías SantanderMatías Santander6 timer siden
  • the dude thinks he is a handy man but he is obviously not

    Ian RamosIan Ramos6 timer siden
  • Could u make the video volume the same as tour voice volume cos the video is quite but when I turn it up then you speak your really loud so having to keep turning it down when you speak then turning it up to hear the video

    TrainH YingTrainH Ying6 timer siden
  • For once... no checkmarked comments

    phantom skiphantom ski6 timer siden
  • Pewdipepie got a anime nosebleed *uwu*

    phantom skiphantom ski6 timer siden

    gLaDygLaDy6 timer siden
  • “You know, eating from these plates reminds me of my family” “Of course it does. That’s your moms hair stuck to the plate you’re eating”

    Rei AyanamiRei Ayanami6 timer siden
  • love the intro

    Ian RamosIan Ramos6 timer siden
  • I laughed so hard watching this. Pewds is so funny

    Aliya KhanemAliya Khanem6 timer siden
  • this must be staged right??

    Phil ?Phil ?7 timer siden
  • This is worlds dumbest Life hacks

    Dream SMP SwineyDream SMP Swiney7 timer siden
  • I work at our family carpet shop and I pulled the same face as the carpet guy 😬😅

    Danielle EvansDanielle Evans7 timer siden
  • Dose any one want to make some money go find some tree seeds and plant where theirare no forest their ya go

    Shae GreenShae Green7 timer siden
  • Bro his face color change from the intro to the video 😭

    Itz GramItz Gram7 timer siden
  • If anyone is a designer, any kind of designer, I'm sorry

    xx LUKAPAx xxx LUKAPAx x7 timer siden

    So BasicallySo Basically7 timer siden
  • I'd feel bad for the thief that chose to invade their house, his entire outfit would probably cost more than the entire house combined

    Carlomaster 1O5Carlomaster 1O57 timer siden
  • Imagine going to their house for dinner and asking where to put the plate after and they say in the pool

    JaeJae NoodlesJaeJae Noodles7 timer siden
  • I mean if your car is hot enough to bake cookies in, go for it, your car will smell like fresh-baked cookies for like a year

    Ella WhiteElla White7 timer siden
  • So the meal was that deep-fried bacon layer?

    kandarzkandarz8 timer siden
  • i love the haikyuu reference in the intro

    SSGxGokuツSSGxGokuツ8 timer siden
  • Why are they even using toilet paper? Why not just wash??? Or is water more expensive than toilet paper? ugh...

    NoksusNoksus8 timer siden
  • video starts 2:57

    iGalaxiteiGalaxite8 timer siden
  • Bruh why not just steam clean your carpet lmao

    Nicole ANicole A8 timer siden
  • God Bless Follow God

    The Doh BrosThe Doh Bros8 timer siden
  • You can go around a rich neighborhood before trash day and spend nothing and there clean and nice sniperwolf proven life hack

  • they got the goats because the kids wanted milk with their cereal

    Mr. planterssMr. planterss9 timer siden
  • Video starts at 2:58 😂 😂 💀

    tunatuna9 timer siden
  • The 5 minute crafts family

    Xvnlics rossXvnlics ross9 timer siden
  • but you can patch up carpet? the seller just want to fucking sell

    artsybutartsybut9 timer siden
  • Their house is probably 10 % Ducktape

    Keaton FreebyKeaton Freeby9 timer siden
  • They're cheapest family can't wait to buy them

    Jonathan MartinezJonathan Martinez9 timer siden
  • I love the comment section

    Alex SayenkoAlex Sayenko9 timer siden
  • This house: "Water bill? Electric bill? Nah, *duck tape bill* ."

    Megan ShulerMegan Shuler9 timer siden
  • If anyone's gonna sell me a game its pewdiepie

    andy vanleuvenandy vanleuven9 timer siden
  • y ration toilet paper. Go to a fast food joint say its hot out. Can I have water. Napkins are near the ice. So grab a handful and walk out. Plus you get the cup for water. So its good for a second use.

    kitcheankitchean9 timer siden
  • The living room looks like my animal crossing house

    Daisy FuentesDaisy Fuentes9 timer siden
  • You know you can buy a kitchen appliances at Dollar tree for literally a dollar 🥴😂

    sara whitesara white10 timer siden
  • What if they get diarrhea? Where is the toilet paper? 😩

    bassy Michaelisbassy Michaelis10 timer siden