Kids Decide Who Gets $1000 Is Very Cringe...

18. feb.. 2021
5 083 960 Ganger

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  • Ken was right about that girl being the most manipulative 🤣 She’s had practice I can tell from experience

    Tip Of The IcebergTip Of The Iceberg49 sekunder siden
  • The fuck is this high school bro everyone there rich when i was in all years of school i walked😂😂

    angel laraangel lara3 minutter siden
  • Black dude deserved it the most

    Tip Of The IcebergTip Of The Iceberg3 minutter siden
  • Nina bad tho

    Midgetelf11Midgetelf114 minutter siden
  • Graduated 2012 I’m 27 now and seeing this wooo!!reminded me of 21 jump street times change lol

    Kevin HernandezKevin Hernandez5 minutter siden
  • The commentary felt a little too mean idk.

    Mehrin AshrafMehrin Ashraf10 minutter siden
  • If you want to be leader in high school just talk a lot Me: *evil laugh cuz I'm so annoying cuz I talk a lot*

    Abhinav AbhinavAbhinav Abhinav10 minutter siden
  • that girl can just ride the bike to the bus stop

    daarom Déondaarom Déon11 minutter siden
  • Me Coming back from that cringy video of adults and realising that high schoolers are more mature than those adults bullies

    Abir BelkhairAbir Belkhair18 minutter siden
  • This is painful to watch

    maks klinecmaks klinec18 minutter siden
  • Okay Pewdiepie is funny 😂😂subscribed !

  • she guilt-tripped them into not voting her out, then agreed to the 1 legged thing, and when she loses its "UNfAiR" she was not entitled to the money but acted like it... the fact that a 14yo gets this and not her is sad (edit): heard what Felix said at the end and i agree with what i said

    daarom Déondaarom Déon22 minutter siden
  • Ken is so funny

    Esmael KhosaEsmael Khosa28 minutter siden
  • The diligent fur intriguinly pass because bite regretfully influence without a idiotic july. domineering, apathetic hammer

    Erik JacobErik Jacob29 minutter siden
  • idc what u say ab being mean that buddhist has some big ass ears😂😂

    Jacobsen___Jacobsen___37 minutter siden
  • I watched the video before pewds reacted to it, I know how bad the video is😂

    Rex MinRex Min40 minutter siden
  • holy crap ken is so funny dude. like i am crying. if you've nvr seen his channel, please check it out. the dude is just hilarious. and when paired with pewds, it's amazing.

    AllThisStuffAllThisStuff41 minutt siden
  • im dutch so its different i guess but i ride my bike every day for 1,5 hours and its normal here im 17 btw in highschool aswell

    Rick KopsRick Kops52 minutter siden
  • Came form that strangers vid the Highschool one seems more grown up from the grown ups

    Loser WinLoser Win56 minutter siden
    • They're handling this so much better than the adults its painful smh this whole series is awful

      Izandra30Izandra3046 minutter siden
  • I bike 30 mins to school lol :/

    Anastasia MarieAnastasia Marie56 minutter siden
  • Pewds on that fashion spot-diagnosis

    Seith UtopiaSeith Utopia57 minutter siden
  • My high school days were one of the best days of my life

    GayMelonGayMelon59 minutter siden
  • hmm

    SilentVinylSilentVinylTime siden
    • Hmmmm

      Saranya ManikandanSaranya Manikandan55 minutter siden
  • Everybody gangsta until the quiet kid start wigling and drop a M16 from his sweat-shirt

    slashdragonslashdragonTime siden
  • Yooo i ride 50 mins to college on my cycle everyday👋😂

    Nooby ChanNooby ChanTime siden
  • Here I am Dutch, and some people just bike to school for one hour, or more without a struggle.🤔😂 We crazy and got leg strength for days 💪

    LOLmylowLOLmylowTime siden
  • Asian chick bad no cap

    Dmetre KleintobDmetre KleintobTime siden
  • You know these kids are crying for real watching this 😂

    Mario RamirezMario RamirezTime siden
  • A stand? When have scooters had stands

    jlhartshornejlhartshorneTime siden
  • I have to walk an hour to school

    Jordan FoleyJordan FoleyTime siden
  • You guys are such assholes........ I FUCKING LOVE IT😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Cnl.Joey904Cnl.Joey904Time siden
    • If you want to see some horrible people Watch the latest vid strangers decide who gets the money It makes me so angry.

      Saranya ManikandanSaranya ManikandanTime siden
  • The moment I saw the girl enkephalins said she does it 10 times a day I knew instantly she’s getting voted off

    Abel RamirezAbel RamirezTime siden
  • What was the point of these kids coming in they all look like mommy and daddy gives them a $1000 every day

    Jason smithJason smithTime siden
  • This is the greatest duo I think my eyes have ever had the pleasure of looking upon. Thank you both, and please keep making videos together.

    sure _sure _Time siden
  • Hi school=😘🥰🥰😍😘🥰😍😘😘🥰😍🥰😘🥰🥰😍🥰😘😍

    jlhartshornejlhartshorneTime siden
  • They literally look like the teens in Netflix.

    RGB KeyboardRGB Keyboard2 timer siden
  • Hi, I'm boomer. I like the videos with Pewdie and Kent (I think his name is) in them. They have a good chemistry. Does that guy have a NOtown-Channel?

    YouLoveBeefYouLoveBeef2 timer siden
    • @Saranya Manikandan aight thanks

      YouLoveBeefYouLoveBeef51 minutt siden
    • It’s called cinnamon toast ken

      Saranya ManikandanSaranya ManikandanTime siden
  • I like felix saying "hey that guy has a $300 belt" when what he was trying not to say was "hey that guy has my brand of belt". lol no hate tho

    ZergrushZergrush2 timer siden
  • 9:33 she just acting

    Jl PekyeJl Pekye2 timer siden
  • Cinnamon toast ken is so good at this lol 🤣

    Kolten TaylorKolten Taylor2 timer siden
  • EJ was a calm guy hes gonna make it in life, the manipulative Buddhist girl not so much

    Hi, I'm Ollie lolHi, I'm Ollie lol2 timer siden
  • love how at some point it's a debate and they're both on the other girl's side lmaooo

    AnaM OrtizAnaM Ortiz2 timer siden
  • 21:41 But, he's not wrong. Looking at the three "pretty" girls still in the game, I wouldn't be surprised if they were actually talking shit behind the scenes.

    Denzell BrownDenzell Brown2 timer siden
  • Bro all these kids are so privileged it’s not even funny bro 😂

    loukas halkeasloukas halkeas2 timer siden
  • one thousand dollars GME 🚀🚀🚀

    stormtrooper69stormtrooper693 timer siden
  • I feel that if Felix did this video alone he would've given more credit to Nina.

    PabloCastorPabloCastor3 timer siden
  • In my honest opinion the girl with the shirt hair and blue shirt was kinda toxic when she got kicked out

    ŞդĩƥȅƦķīňĝ 1915ŞդĩƥȅƦķīňĝ 19153 timer siden
  • "If it was full grown adults doing this, it'd still be a mess" so true

    Kunal JainKunal Jain3 timer siden
  • The guy with the glasses is annoying. He is fake and trying too hard to make content. I would rather watch pewds alone.

    Balkaran SinghBalkaran Singh3 timer siden
  • The guy with the luxury clothes could literally get more than double the money just from selling his clothes

    Soviet caviarSoviet caviar3 timer siden
  • Those kids just makes me think that maybe I'm more mature than people of my age...

    _laifishardisntit __laifishardisntit _3 timer siden
  • I've seen this video like thrice and everytime it's different last time I watched pewds was watching it alone and now felix is collabing 😂😂😂

    Yeet]]Yeet]]3 timer siden
  • im pretty sure ken was joking but nina was really being a voice of reason there. everything she said seemed valid and logical. definitely more mature than a lot of adults.

    beat potatobeat potato3 timer siden
    • Have you seen the stranger one yet??? Oooo

      Daffa Agung NarayanaDaffa Agung Narayana28 minutter siden
  • I hate kids

    Rea ReaRea Rea3 timer siden
  • Amazing 😂😂😂😂

    Mohamed AlBaskaryMohamed AlBaskary3 timer siden
  • Why couldn't they have picked people who actually needed the money?

    Clara EvansClara Evans3 timer siden
    • Yes instead of teenagers who are wearing 1000$ outfits and don't have the money to pay for tution and someone who wants to go to a personal vacation

      NOT RUDENOT RUDE3 timer siden
  • If I were there, I would've suggested a round of Rock paper scissors for them 1000 dollars

    Parth KashyapParth Kashyap3 timer siden
  • Hi

    AlvariuxGamingAlvariuxGaming3 timer siden
  • bruh im literally dying, i the face on the kid who got voted off first when the other girl has the whole couch to sit on chooses right next to him.

    mc_Unkn0wnmc_Unkn0wn3 timer siden
  • XD

    Tony BlankTony Blank3 timer siden
  • They really found these kids in the richest neighborhood they could find

    Rea ReaRea Rea3 timer siden
  • Lol I live in mcpherson 😂

    HaydenHayden3 timer siden
  • 25:16 pls clap 👏👏

    Abhishek SinghAbhishek Singh3 timer siden
  • So much for the comment section being nice to these kids. I really appreciated Felix taking taking the time to encourage people to be more understanding and kind, the world could certainly use it.

    Black_Canary 1241Black_Canary 12413 timer siden
  • I watched the grown ups first.. And now after watching this.. I think grown ups are still the most annoying.. Ken was really mean...

    Gabija MatutyteGabija Matutyte3 timer siden
  • i swear some middle schoolers act better then these high schoolers there so annoying

    EchoEcho3 timer siden
  • The high schoolers were more mature than the adults

    Christian FigueroaChristian Figueroa3 timer siden
  • The Girl with the Ellen cut is growing up to be a karen

    EwwClapzEwwClapz3 timer siden
  • the kid back left looks like David Schwimmer

    Benjamin BakkumBenjamin Bakkum3 timer siden
  • I first watched the one with the grown ups.. I feel like Ken is the mean girl bully since the child er didn't do it themselfs.. Grown ups were their own bullies

    Gabija MatutyteGabija Matutyte3 timer siden
  • Their reasoning that is supposed to come off as sad just makes me sad This really just shows how privileged a lot of people are without realizing it

    NameSample01NameSample013 timer siden
  • Dude why didnt they just split it 200 each...

    julio rodrigojulio rodrigo3 timer siden
  • Where’s the link to the bike?

    Cassie CasCasCassie CasCas4 timer siden
  • Heather: *Cries Heather 5 seconds Later: Got'em in the bag

    J Halofan360J Halofan3604 timer siden
  • Kai little kid on SoundCloud is fire

    Kai ArmstrongKai Armstrong4 timer siden
  • Coming to this video after watching "The Most Annoying Video on the Internet" *IS A BREATH OF FRESH AIR*

    SenshimiSenshimi4 timer siden
  • I cringed so hard and I'm a high school senior 😆

    Adrian CruzAdrian Cruz4 timer siden
  • In just want to beat each one of em. Just give it to the poorest ffs.

    Prashant SinghPrashant Singh4 timer siden
  • The girl with black hair will have depression and issues when she hits 25

    Akio AslanAkio Aslan4 timer siden
  • USA financial aid is a messed up place, I know people have to lie to get that aid.

    R.C. R.R.C. R.4 timer siden
  • This video is gold

    CrissyCrissy4 timer siden
  • So two rich adults roast some rich teenagers? 😁 what a concept

    Mona SabbatMona Sabbat4 timer siden
  • The man who gave us corpse everybody

    Clara SarangClara Sarang4 timer siden
  • You know what living in McPherson Kansas isn’t the worst thing in the world be have wheat and other stuff like oil and it’s really really flat. So not shouting ou home but y’all should come down we do a lot yall

    Noah GregoryNoah Gregory4 timer siden
    • We are the bull pups

      Noah GregoryNoah Gregory4 timer siden
    • And if you don’t believe I’m from here

      Noah GregoryNoah Gregory4 timer siden
  • This compared to the strangers one, is such a huge contrast. The future is bright honestly. I watched the one where Shakera won and i gotta say this one was better

    MellowYellow1OMellowYellow1O4 timer siden
  • I feel so bad for the ocean facts girl :(

    graph egg speciesgraph egg species4 timer siden
  • In the non-win win couch, the guy in the right had a forced smile all the way. timer siden
  • 10:37 Golum realizing he lost the ring.

    Reachfor PerfectionReachfor Perfection4 timer siden
  • "I'm actually Buddhist" You sure?

    YHB AaronYHB Aaron4 timer siden
  • Love that song, vivaldi winter is the best season

    R.C. R.R.C. R.4 timer siden
  • The true driving concomitantly empty because traffic adventitiously pray times a cooperative handsaw. elite, arrogant roll

    Aiii NanoooAiii Nanooo4 timer siden
  • can I get 1000 dollars now, im getting emotional bc i have to ride the bike for 40 min every day to school

    mirthemirthe4 timer siden
  • The supposed mean girl that Ken thought was being manipulative could have actually been hinting that she had something too embarrassing to say but could not because actual social stigma . Plz don't judge people .

    Arnav ChauguleArnav Chaugule4 timer siden

    Joshua WehrmanJoshua Wehrman4 timer siden
  • Highschool is so different today

    ShuriverShuriver4 timer siden
  • 21:39 what did he sayyyyyyyy 😳

    Rowen WoelkeRowen Woelke4 timer siden
  • You all are checking out these folks clothing. Do not do that he could find killer gear at the good will and thrift stores so it may have cost someone 300 bucks but this kid could have gone to the goodwill and found that.

    Carey RobbinsCarey Robbins4 timer siden
  • me on there: i need to pay for my therapy. 👁👄👁 ya bitch is ✨depre-

    Sofia GarciaSofia Garcia4 timer siden
  • Bruh we have a population of 7,000 the other half is a work force at our refinery.. and you fucking chose that spot holy shit

    Sam HoustonSam Houston4 timer siden
  • I live in the mountainous state of west virginia and there are busses that go out of my city and two that almost leave the county

    cyro_the_bass_plebcyro_the_bass_pleb5 timer siden